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[2021-07-20 03:35:01]  #Newsid: 17226 | View: 2820

VR-Exclusive ‘VRAstroSmash’ Offers A Contemporary Space Shooter Inspired By Timeless Classic

Buckle Up And Get Your Nukes Ready! Based in Canada, Indie game developer and publisher 2RealVR is proud to announce the worldwide release of their debut title, VRAstroSmash, a casual VR-exclusive space shooter inspired by the classic game of Asteroids, originally published by Atari in 1979. VRAstroSmash was originally designed for the Vive Cosmos, but is also compatible with the Oculus Quest 2, Rift, Vive Pro, Cosmos Elite and Valve Index. 

VRAstroSmash is a seated contemporary casual Sci-Fi shooter where your objective is to destroy asteroids, space junk and incoming alien ships. Your vessel can be upgraded through game progression and improved with auto-fire capabilities, increased weapon cooling, better flight handling and control, and even repairs. Points are awarded for perfect hits with space junk and alien ships giving you the highest possible scores. Auto-fire kicks in once a certain number of asteroids have been nuked, and the farther you progress and the longer you survive, the faster the asteroids will spawn. Strategic use of your weapons is required to avoid overheating your equipment that eventually stops firing until cooled down. Turning off Target-Assist will help, and thrusting fast-forward will speed up the cooling process. 
VRAstroSmash features several types of asteroids to destroy, such as Plasma, Crystal, Iron and Rock. Nuking Plasma asteroids improve your ship controls, turning, pitch and barrel-roll, while nuking Iron asteroids will repair your ships damage. Jumping into Overdrive requires a certain number of hits to activate, and you must always keep a close eye on the radar as the display and navigation is scaled and may appear closer than you think! As asteroids turn small, they are attracted to the mass of your ship and tend to follow your tail; your life-saving map will help you determine which targets to aim for first before taking out other asteroids father away. 
VRAstroSmash is a modern version of the timeless classic suitable to players of all ages and experience levels seeking the thrill of travelling through space nuking asteroids and other incoming space junk and the occasional UFOs. The games Retro-Mode offers that distinct classic feel highly suitable to fans of the original. 
VRAstroSmash is available via STEAM from here:
Developer Website
YouTube Channel