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[2021-10-05 15:35:01]  #Newsid: 17391 | View: 2949

Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery In Fun ‘Echotations’ Party Game Available On iOS & Android

Indie game developer C3BGames is proud to announce the mobile release of Echotations to the iOS and Google Play digital app stores. Echotations is their newest title available as a free download challenging you to a party game in which you compete at mastering and imitating sounds!  

Echotations is about having fun and being silly with your friends and family in a positive spirit. It focuses on very simple game play to bring people together to laugh and have a good time. Each game is played by up to 9 players taking turns at imitating hilarious sounds from all walks of life, and the player with the best performance wins the game. With more than 300+ sounds in the game, endless hours of fun are guaranteed. A unique feature is the ability to easily create, record and add your very own sounds with only your creativity and imagination holding you back! Up to 100 categories are supported, each containing up to 100 sounds. There are 3 levels of difficulty catering to all experience levels, and the higher the setting, the closer your imitation must be for a match. 

Echotations features intuitive controls and easy navigation; select the number of players followed by the category of audio and the number of sounds within that selection. Each game consists of a series of rounds and scores will vary up to a 100% - the perfect imitation of a given sound. You can compare your score against other players and claim victory for a given round as well as who has the most matches across all categories. 
Echotations is suitable to players of all ages and experience levels and is a must-have in your digital game collection today. It is great as a Party game or a game between friends and family.