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[2021-10-15 04:35:02]  #Newsid: 17413 | View: 2793

VR survival adventure Jurassic World Aftermath: Part 2 is out on the Oculus Quest Platform

Experience the riveting conclusion in this thrilling return to Isla Nublar. Coatsink, in collaboration with Universal Games and Digital Platforms, today released the highly anticipated conclusion to the suspenseful VR survival adventure, Jurassic World Aftermath, with Jurassic World Aftermath: Part 2, available exclusively on the Oculus Quest Platform. Inspired by Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment’s blockbuster film franchise, Jurassic World Aftermath: Part 2 offers fans an immersive look at the legendary dinosaur theme park.

Crash-landing on Isla Nublar after the fall of the Jurassic World theme park, players find themselves trapped in an abandoned research facility when their mission to recover valuable information goes disastrously wrong. To survive, they’ll need to explore and solve puzzles, while evading a menagerie of ferocious dinosaurs, including ravenous Pteranodons, cunning Velociraptors, and the terrifying T. rex.

Featuring all-new locations, puzzles and dinosaur encounters, Jurassic World Aftermath: Part 2 builds on the wonder and excitement at every turn as players venture to the opulent heights of Dr. Henry Wu’s office then delve into a secret vault deep beneath the facility, leading to the story’s thrilling conclusion.

Jurassic World Aftermath: Part 2 requires the original game, Jurassic World Aftermath, to play.