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[2021-11-08 05:35:02]  #Newsid: 17465 | View: 6360

Seek Out The Ultimate Predators In ‘Prehistoric Hunt’ Roaring With Thrills On STEAM

Are You The Hunter Or The Hunted?  
Indie game developer and publisher Antiproto Studios is proud to invite brave hunters on a daring journey to hunt for incredible dinosaurs with your friends in Prehistoric Hunt on PC via Early Access on STEAM. Join the fun and embark on a fantastic adventure completing hunting contracts for the Preton Corporation and take in the scenic vistas on your journey. 

Prehistoric Hunt takes you on a multiplayer trip on a large island inhabited by different kinds of dinosaur species. While some are relatively safe to approach, others will stop at nothing turning you into a snack. Explore the rich environment rendered in glorious detail and go hunting for prey in the mountains or in the dense forests. Try to avoid the open terrain unless you want to become a meal. There is a host of assignments within the game that you can take it upon you to complete in exchange for upgraded equipment or special rewards. Look for clues and examine the tracks you come across to determine the whereabouts of your prey. And with experience you can learn to recognize the calls of the various dinosaurs.
Prehistoric Hunt includes calmer herbivores and the more aggressive carnivores. In total, more than 10 dinosaurs are included in the game at this time and while some prefer a solitary life, others will gather in herds making their presence easier to detect. On occasion the dinosaurs will fight amongst themselves, and you need to learn each breeds strengths and weaknesses. Be especially aware of their keen senses! At your disposal you have a range of assorted firearms and a selection of tranquilizers. In the beginning you only have a basic hunting rifle and a pistol, but as tasks and assignments are completed you are awarded more powerful weapons. 
Prehistoric Hunt is available via STEAM

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