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[2021-12-06 14:35:02]  #Newsid: 17522 | View: 7561

Nexters launches Island Questaway, a new adventure game, to increase casual gaming share

Nexters Inc. (Nasdaq: GDEV), an international game development company which strives to introduce the joy of core gaming experiences to casual players, has soft launched Island Questaway, a new casual game previously available under the working title Puzzle Island, on iOS and Android.
Download Island Questaway from App Store and Google Play.

This new title continues Nexters’ efforts to grow its presence in the casual gaming market in addition to the midcore segment where the company is well presented by Hero Wars and Throne Rush. Island Questaway offers fresh and unique gameplay through a blend of different genres with a farming game that features an engaging storyline as well as a variety of puzzles to solve for an exciting, fun gaming experience.

Island Questaway was created by the team that previously worked on Island Experiment - the first casual game by Nexters. The current version already boasts extensive content and engaging play mechanics while the development team is working on a story expansion, new gameplay features, and live events.

This is the second casual game Nexters has launched in the second half of 2021. Chibi Island was the first and officially launched on July 27th. It was also a successor of sorts to Island Experiment, retaining the key elements of the original that made it popular, while updating and reworking the game in several areas to make it more modern and engaging.

Nexters anticipates both Chibi Island and Island Questaway to not only build off the original title, but to greatly expand Nexters’ casual gaming audience with both titles appealing to their own unique player base.

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