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[2021-11-21 13:35:01]  #Newsid: 17495 | View: 9636

Armed With The Aura Of Nature You Must Defend Against The Undead In Fast-Paced ‘Shillelagh’ Arena Shooter

Demons Are No Match For The Mighty Magic Of Shillelagh!
Indie game developer and publisher Andrew Simon Thomas is proud to announce the worldwide release date of Shillelagh, a fast-paced arena shooter coming to PC and MacOS via STEAM challenging you to defend against destructive, undead monsters.

Shillelagh (pronounced Shil-lay-lah) is a fast-paced arena shooter inspired by classic first-person shooters, such as DOOM, QUAKE and Devil Daggers. Long ago, a hero slayed a beast of many heads, but the final head, unkillable, was cast into the abyss where it lay dormant as ages faded and empires rose and fell. With time the monster feasted and regrew, consuming the souls of the dead. Now, the time has come to finish of the beast. You play a druid tasked with holding back the darkest terrors of the deepest abyss, using your magic Shillelagh to defend against the endless heads of the undead hydra monster that can even destroy the ground you walk upon. Only by calling upon the Solar Spirit of nature can this threat be kept at bay. Players seeking the ultimate revenge may seek out the games hidden stage …

Shillelagh is accompanied by an awesome metal track composed by John Fio and features brutal procedurally generated levels that get smaller the more enemies you face. How long can you last against the abyss using the mighty weapon of nature?
Shillelagh is available via STEAM
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