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[2021-10-10 04:35:04]  #Newsid: 17402 | View: 9459

The Choice Is Yours To Date Or Die In Unique Free Matchmaking Game Available On STEAM

When Dating Becomes A Matter Of Life And Death! Indie game developer Auden Jin is proud to announce the release of Find Love Or Die Trying, a different type of free dating game where choosing the perfect partner becomes a matter of life and death! Inspired by the Doki Doki Literature Club and The Bachelor, Find Love Or Die Trying available via STEAM has quickly become a singles favorite with more than 100,000 downloads in just a few short days.  

Find Love Or Die Trying is a multiple choice Anime visual novel set on a tropical island with stunning scenery and even more gorgeous participants. Your host – Kat – is the impossibly perfect and painfully beautiful host and producer of the show. Never forget that you are part of a dating-game, and you can expect the unexpected! You have 7 days to find love and to convince one of the lovely ladies to accept your ring, and should you fail, well … ending up single means ending up dead … its part of the show and your contract!
Find Love Or Die Trying features a host of exciting and mysterious girls to date: meet Allie, a daredevil athlete, Scarlett, the charming scientist and Terra, the eccentric gamer. Maybe you want to strike it rich and go for Violet, a wealthy heiress or maybe try for romance and pick Yui, your childhood sweetheart … Whomever you date, and whatever you choose, you better make sure love blossoms in the end!
Find Love Or Die Trying has been three years in the making and is a tribute from the developer to his (real-life) girlfriend. A fan-pack has already been released as a separate DLC and the developer will continue to add additional content and features in upcoming updates and more downloadable addons. Suitable to singles from all walks of life seeking the ultimate dating fun in a game, don’t hesitate to download this unique opportunity to meet the darlings of your dreams today. 
Find Love or Die Trying is available from here:
Developer Website
YouTube Channel

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