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[2022-01-13 20:35:01]  #Newsid: 17569 | View: 11526

A Quarter of a Century of MMO fun: Tibia turns 25!

Tibia is one of the oldest still-running MMORPGs in the world - and more successful than ever. CipSoft celebrates the 25th birthday of Tibia! The MMORPG went online for the first time on January 7, 1997.  This makes the Germany-based company's title one of the oldest online games in the world with a steady flow of fresh content. And on top of that: Tibia has never been as successful as it is today. In recent years, the game broke several revenue records and generated a total of over 200 million Euros income to date.

For CipSoft, there is another reason to celebrate: The company behind Tibia was awarded by "Great Place to Work" as one of the best employers in Bavaria, Germany. In the future, CipSoft will continue to focus on vibrant online game worlds and sees itself well positioned for this with its new incubation process: "All employees now have the opportunity to spend 20 percent of their working time on realising their own game ideas. We are also taking our cue from the Tibia success story: small teams that share a common vision and have the greatest possible freedom in implementing it," says Stephan Vogler.

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