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[2021-12-28 21:35:01]  #Newsid: 17561 | View: 13560

VR arcade basketball game JUST HOOPS enters the Metaverse on Meta Quest

Realcast announced the new launch for their arcade VR basketball game JUST HOOPS on Meta Quest as it enters the metaverse. Take the live-action of arcade basketball into your living room with the first-ever reality-simulated shoot-the-hoop game! Inspired by 80’s arcade basketball and bare hands playing, JUST HOOPS is an immersive gaming experience that features multiple play modes, challenges, and more than 40 levels of changing hoops! 

JUST HOOPS offers mixed reality options using the Quests’ newly added Passthrough API feature, allowing players to place virtual content - such as hoops, balls, and additional decorations - into their physical surroundings, making JUST HOOPS the first virtual basketball game to be played with hand-tracking in metaverse. Now players can be fully aware of their real environment while still playing the immersive motion-tracking, basketball shooting action that makes JUST HOOPS such a compelling simulation.

Using state-of-the-art technology that utilizes the actual physics behind grabbing and shooting a ball, JUST HOOPS’ new and innovative features optimize gameplay for the most dynamic VR basketball experience possible. Compete against friends for bragging rights, enjoy hoop time with family, or play to climb the world leaderboard. Choose between using controllers or using your bare hands (expert mode) as your hoop targets change at every increasing level, from traditional coin-op baskets to animated hoops like snakes, space invaders, rotating hoops with closing lids and more!

JUST HOOPS is currently available on the Meta Quest Store and will launch on Sony PlayStation VR and Steam VR in 2022.