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[2023-01-05 14:35:01]  #Newsid: 18049 | View: 4715

Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator launches on PC, Xbox and Game Pass

An early access hit on PC, bubbled and brewed to perfection. Indie studio niceplay games and publisher tinyBuild are ready to serve up a bottle of cozy simulation goodness after slowly brewing for over a year in early access on PC. Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator launches on PC (via Steam, GOG and Epic) and now making its debut on Xbox One and Series consoles. Through the wonders of alchemy, the game is also available on Xbox and PC Game Pass right now. Take a peek at the artisanal launch trailer below, fit only for the finest of potion sellers.

In Potion Craft, embark on a magical new career as the local alchemist of a buzzing fantasy town. Whether it's a brewer looking for something to spice up his next batch of beer, or a hero going to battle and needing only your strongest potions, it's your job to brew, mix and research these magical mixes and sell them to the people who need them.

Alchemy is a complex business, and every pinch of reagent or physics-driven twist of the spoon can affect the quality and properties of the potions created. Whatever the quality of the brew, you're out to sell it for the highest price possible. Chat and cajole through an involved haggling system; charm the money out of their pockets and into yours. The mark of a truly savvy alchemist is turning hot air into gold, after all.

For those returning from the Early Access version, the launch version of Potion Craft brings an assortment of new features and content to the game. Undertake dozens of new quests, tackle hundreds of new potion orders and charm your customers with seventeen new topics of conversation in the haggling mini-game. Not every alchemist is a reputable sort, either - try your hand at the darker side of potion-crafting, attracting shady customers like rogues and evil wizards to cater to their grim needs. Sow chaos, brew poisons and get chillin' like a villain from the comfort of your couch, with full controller and Steam Deck support.

Potion Craft is out on Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store, as well as Xbox consoles on the Microsoft Store, plus PC and Xbox Game Pass. There's more being brewed up for Potion Craft over the coming months - stay tuned for more updates and new content from niceplay games in the new year.