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[2023-03-09 21:35:02]  #Newsid: 18146 | View: 2702

Locked and Loaded 2D Run ‘n’ Gun Platformer Planet Cube: Edge Released

Enter a high-speed adventure set in a hand-crafted pixel art world on consoles and PC.
Firestoke is excited to announce that their action-packed, pixel art 2D platformer  Planet Cube: Edge from developer Sunna Entertainment launched on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, and will be coming to the Epic Games Store soon.

Planet Cube: Edge throws players into a peaceful, cube-shaped world disrupted by an unknown force. While most cubes run to the nearest exit, one square-headed lab technician named Edge finds it in himself to save the world with his abilities to shoot, jump, and dash. In this high-speed, high-skill platforming action, quick responses and unlimited respawns will see you battle through hordes of invading enemies. In a bid to save the world, players will find themselves navigating through an underwater science facility, packed full of enemies and perils aplenty.

Sunna Entertainment’s epic is set across eight, beautifully hand-crafted pixel art levels, and filled with quirky and memorable characters. Planet Cube: Edge is a classic combination of being easy to learn but hard to master, delivering the kind of addictive ‘just one more go’ flow that players thrive on.

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