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[2021-12-27 19:35:01]  #Newsid: 17559 | View: 17257

SpecialEffect launch Snakes and Ladders, the latest title in their Eye Gaze Games series

Get ready to ramp up the family gaming fun this Christmas! Check out Snakes and Ladders, the latest free-to-play online game from SpecialEffect’s Eye Gaze Games website at It’s been optimised to help gamers using eye gaze technology climb the board to victory but can also be played in a number of other ways.

You can roll the dice to climb the ladders (which have been made into wheelchair-friendly ramps) and avoid the snakes just by eye movement alone using an eye gaze camera, or you can use other inputs like a switch, a mouse or an assistive mouse. Compete with up to three other players locally, or against your computer in a race to the finish.

The growing selection of eye game games are browser-based and free-to-play, with the aim of removing as many barriers to play as possible, whether technical or otherwise, to players all around the world.

SpecialEffect are indebted Riot Games for generously supporting the funding of the game through their Dawnbringer Karma campaign. The charity would also like to thank the team at Sun and Moon Games, who developed the game.