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[2022-10-26 18:35:01]  #Newsid: 17940 | View: 10068

Asterigos: Curse Of The Stars is out on PC, Xbox, PS4 & PS5

A high fantasy world of action-RPG adventure, inspired by Greek & Roman mythology. Publisher tinyBuild and developer Acme Gamestudio are proud to announce that the action-RPG Asterigos: Curse Of The Stars is out on PC, PlayStation 4 & 5, plus Xbox One and Series consoles.

Asterigos is a fantasy action-RPG set in a thrilling new world inspired by Greek & Roman mythology. Young warrior Hilda embarks on a quest to the fallen city of Aphes to discover the truth behind the curse that warped its people into twisted monsters. Get a first glimpse at the mystical adventure that awaits in the launch trailer below.

Trained in arts both martial and mystical, Hilda wields a varied arsenal of weapons conventional and otherwise. From the familiar sword & shield, dual blades, spears and hammers to spellcasting implements like magic staves and enchanted armlets, each with their own distinct move-sets and fighting style.

To challenge the monstrous denizens of Aphes, a warrior will have to master them all. Legions of monsters walk the streets, a deadly horde, led by over twenty bosses just itching to bring their blades, claws and teeth to bear on a foolish adventurer.

Between battles, exploration is generously rewarded. Even under its terrible curse, Aphes is a place of beauty. Ancient and proud architecture lies nestled in scenic valleys. Sprawling plazas lie wrapped in a spiderweb of streets, and beneath the city lies a warren of tunnels, dungeons and crystal-lined caverns. Treasure and mystery await those willing to explore it.

Does your soul burn for adventure? Does the mystery of the unknown sing to you? Then delve into Aphes today. Asterigos: Curse Of The Stars is available now on PC, PlayStation 4 & 5, plus Xbox One and Series consoles???????.