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[2023-11-12 16:35:01]  #Newsid: 18631 | View: 2243

Asterigos: Curse of the Stars returns to Aphes with an anniversary content update

The cult hit action-RPG celebrates a year of heroic battles with a free Boss Rush mode for all players on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. The stars are once more in alignment. Acme GameStudio and publisher tinyBuild invite players back to the cursed city of Aphes to celebrate a year of mythical adventure, and one final heroic feat for loyal players of Asterigos: Curse of the Stars on PC, PlayStation or Xbox. Our way of thanking fans for their support, and a Very Positive Steam user rating.

Out now, the Anniversary Update brings a final round of bug-fixes and tweaks to the stylish action-RPG, as well as the new Gauntlet of the Stars challenge mode. In this intense boss rush, players will tackle twenty of their greatest foes again across four endurance fights. Snatch a glimpse of the glorious battle to come in the new trailer below:

Players that have conquered the main story of Asterigos will be granted the option to challenge the Gauntlet of the Stars. Pray to the gryphon statue in the shelter to begin your final battle for glory and bragging rights. Four endurance battles await, each with an escalation of five bosses to cross swords with once more. It's time to prove your might, and consign your enemies to the forgotten pages of history once and for all!

Taking on the Gauntlet alone takes the mightiest equipment that Aphes can provide, but there is one final reward awaiting players that can rise to the occasion. Lay your foes low and claim the Gladiatrix Battlegear, an ornate suit of arena armor, replete with high crested helm, a stalwart arm-guard and ample opportunity to flaunt those battle-hardened, borderline mythical abs.

Even as the dust settles, there's one final challenge for only the most heroic of players. Those who have conquered all four Gauntlet of the Stars battles can attempt the Test of Endurance. Dare you face all twenty boss battles in a single non-stop sequence, with a limited pool of consumables? Acme GameStudio thanks all Asterigos players for their time, dedication and support, and we hope to see your most exploits in the arena soon.

Lastly, Acme GameStudio and tinyBuild will also be celebrating this year of adventure on TwitchYouTube and Steam. Official Site: