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[2023-11-16 15:35:01]  #Newsid: 18639 | View: 2092

Albion Online: Wild Blood is now live!

Wild Blood is now Live! This update introduces some major new additions and improvements to Albion’s gameworld, with Shapeshifter Weapons, Tracking, Awakened Weapons, new and reworked potions, and much more.

Fearsome New Forms
Shapeshifter Weapons are a brand-new Staff weapon line which allow players to transform into fantastical beasts mid-combat, expanding the possibilities of combat builds and bringing a new level to Albion’s ‘you are what you wear’ system. Tracking, meanwhile, is a new activity in which these same creatures can be hunted across the open world by groups. These hunts will take you along unexpected paths, but success can reward you with rare, magical artifacts and ingredients.

New Powers Unleashed
The ingredients gained through Tracking can be used to craft seven powerful new potions and Shapeshifter Artifact Weapons, while potions can now be enchanted to new levels. Meanwhile, Awakened Weapons can be attuned with unique combinations of traits, allowing the bearer to wield immense strength. These weapons may be lost in combat, of course, but their traits will live on, telling their story and that of their owners.

Additional Improvements
Personal Islands now have stunning new visuals, reflecting the biome of the city they are attached to, and players can now own more than one island. Furthermore, new farming bonuses for each of these biomes encourage trade across Albion and economic specialization. Randomized Dungeons have expressive new visuals too, along with reworked layouts and some colossal new enemies you may encounter. And the Death Recap lets players go over their recent combat defeats, to hone their skills before returning to the fray.
For the complete list of changes, see the patchnotes, and for more info, check out the official update page.